Ballet @ Istana Budaya

In DS on November 26, 2010 at 5:33 pm

Saya tidak pasti berapa ramai peminat ballet yang ada di Malaysia ini, tetapi sekolah Arif (KDSF National Centre) telah dipilih sebagai salah sebuah organisasi yang bakal menerima sumbangan hasil kutipan tiket dari persembahan ballet di bawah.

KDSF bakal menerima 75% dari jualan tiket yang dijual menerusi wakil-wakil KDSF yang menjual tiket.

Sefaham saya, ada 3 persembahan dari 14-16 Januari 2011.

Don Quixote akan dipersembahkan 2 kali pada Jan 14, 8 pm dan sekali lagi pada Jan 16, 3pm.

Persembahan International Ballet pula hanya sekali iaitu pada Jan 15, 8 pm dan merupakan acara kemuncak majlis yang bakal disaksikan oleh ramai VIP. (Tun Dr.  Mahathir juga diberitakan akan turut hadir. Tahun lepas beliau hadir bersama Dr. Hasmah secara mengejut)

Jadi jika ada di antara anda yang berminat, saya pohon anda untuk menghubungi talian yang tertera di bawah.

Menonton sambil menderma!

Dear Friends,

Danceworks Production is presenting Don Quixote & International Ballet
show on 14-16 January 2011 at Istana Budaya, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala
Lumpur. The Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation – National Centre
(KDSF-National Centre) has been nominated to be one of the
beneficiaries of the proceeds from the tickets sold by us. Seventy
five percent (75%) of the tickets sales will be donated to
KDSF-National Centre. All the funds received by KDSF-National Centre
under this fundraising project will be channeled to the KDSF-National
Centre Parents Support Group (PSG) project called Project 7.

The Project 7 is an initiative by the KDSF-National Centre PSG to
provide special education classes to children with Down Syndrome age 7
and above. The objective of this program is to ensure continuous
education for children with Down Syndrome.

We seek your kind support in this fund-raising event by way of
purchasing of tickets for the Gala show. We look forward to your
favorable response.

Ticket prices : RM50, RM100, RM140, RM180, RM220 (kindly refer to seat
plan below)

For reservation, please contact directly – Sri Rahayu (012-2099688)
or Noora Mat Rifin (012-2770549) or Roslina (016-6264495)

For more information please check out www.mydownsyndrome.org or email
us at p7fundraising@mydownsyndrome.org.

Don Quixote

Don Quixote synopsis

Don Quixote believes he is a knight-errant to do chivalrous deeds in
honor of the enigmatic Lady Dulcinea.
Basilo is a barber and Kitri is an inn keepers daughter. Their love is
forbidden and Kitri is promised to the nobleman Gamache. The lovers
run away but are discovered and Kitri is forced to accept Gamache
proposal. With the help of the enchanted Don Quixote, Basilo trick the
pompous Gamache and her father Lorenzo to allow him his dying wish of
marrying Kitri. Once wed, Basilo miraculously recover and the two
lovers merrily dance for Don Quixote to whom they owe their happiness.

Danceworks 2011- International Ballet Gala

Flames of Paris (Classical Ballet repertoire)

Grand pas de deux from act 3 of the ballet, Flames of Paris

Choreography: Vasily Vainonen

Manon (Classical Ballet repertoire)

Pas de deux from act 2

The story of Manon Lescaut, written by Abbe Prevost

Choreography: Sir Kenneth MacMillan

Le Corsaire (Classical Ballet repertoire)

Grand pas de deux from act 1- Pas d’esclave

Choreography: Marius Petipa

Luna (Contemporary dance)

A contemporary dance piece to the music of Bolero by Ravel. A trio
about the maturity of a child to adulthood; with increasing need to
pursue certainty, and with what seemed like learned confidence, Luna
finds herself lost at the moment of chaos; the truth can only be found
by the lost child within.

Choreography: Choong Wan Chin

Swan Lake pas de deux (Classical Ballet repertoire)

Pas de deux from act 2 of famous Ballet ‘Swan Lake’

Choreography: Graeme Murphy

Cinderella (Neo-classical ballet repertoire)

Excerpts from well known story of Cinderella

Choreography: Choong Wan Chin

Harga tiket dan Pelan lantai. Ticket prices and the Seat plan

  1. Interesting performance coming up. Thanks for the info. May want to bring my daughter to see the ballet. However, I can’t seem to go to Istana Budaya’s official website. Is there something wrong?

  2. Dear Anis, I’m not sure what happened to the Istana Budaya website, but if you need more info, you can go to Dancework’s website. For reservations, kindly contact either my colleagues Roslina or Noora. All contacts can be found at the posters that I’d posted in this blog.

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