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In Motivasi & kerjaya on Jun 4, 2009 at 11:14 am

Banyak post saya kebelakangan ini agak serius dan sedih. Kali ini saya nak berkongsi satu lagu dari Miley Cyrus, The Climb. Saya lebih memerhatikan liriknya yang membakar semangat..

Semoga terhibur!

Komen selepas posting

Saya mendapat komen dari seorang sahabat saya akan ‘amused’nya dia apabila mendapati saya meletakkan lagu Miley Cyrus dalam blog ini. Mungkin sudah lama mengenali diri saya, sukar untuknya mempercayai yang saya berminat dengan lagu-lagu remaja yang di bawa oleh bintang Hannah Montana ini.

Sebenarnya, saya pun tidak mengikuti perkembangan Miley Cyrus, cuma saya mendapat email laporan keputusan Piala Hamdan Tahir dari Mr. Liew. Untuk manfaat non-MCOBs, Piala Hamdan Tahir adalah satu pertandingan bola keranjang antara sekolah-sekolah berasrama penuh (SBP) seluruh Malaysia. MCKK telah memenangi kejohanan ini banyak kali dan adalah juara bertahan selama 5 tahun sebelum tewas tahun ini di peringkat awal. Berikut adalah laporan Mr. Liew, jurulatih skuad bola keranjang MCKK semenjak saya di bangku sekolah lagi:

Dear all,

Where do I begin to tell the stories of Mc Cagers’ shocked defeats and preliminary exit in the recent HKSBP PHT basketball tournament? First and foremost, may I bring to your attention and highlight on the three main reasons repeatedly and emphatically mentioned by me earlier. These may possibly shade some lights, explain our failure and at the same time !  After winning the coveted PHT in 2008, I went to see Tuan Pengetua in his office when the school terms resumed in June 2008. Besides thanking him for his constant support and confidence given to me, I also seized the oppurtunity to inform him that next year i.e. 2009 would be very tough for The Malay College Kuala Kangsar to defend the title. Three reasons were then explained to Tuan Pengetua.

Firstly, as I would be enganged with other personal commitments, as such I would not be able to coach the team full time as what I had been doing since September 2003 till May 2008. I had promised to draw out the training schedules for the Cagers. Towards this end, I had submitted a comprehensive training schedules to Tuan Pengetua only on 30 December 2008 after a lapse of 5 ½  months. By then , I had realised that without my physical presence there, Cagers had not shown any marked improvement in their basketball skills.

Secondly, Cagers in 2009 in general were not well exposed and also lacked of experience in competitive tournaments. In all fairness to the present  form 5 Cagers, ONLY 4 OF THEM,  they are indeed the ‘ victims’ of unavoidable circumtances! Since they were in Form 2 till Form 4, they did not have the oppurtunity to take part in both the U-14( Taiping Invitation) and U-16 ( Penang Open) basketball tournaments. Neither they had the chance to play outstation friendly matches like their seniors at Manjung , Cameron Highlands , Ipoh , Taiping and Penang . The reason being the focus then was not on them. Equally there was no extra driver in MC to take them out for friendly matches . Admittedly, these two factors have contributed greatly to the disastrous ending for the present Cagers!

Thirdly, I had also clearly made it known to Tuan Pengetua that other SBPs’ basketball teams have enganged states’ coaches and former national players to coach them respectively. I had even specifically singled out SMS KUCHING, SDAR, MOZAC and SMSTMFP as Cagers’ main rivals in 2009.

Well, much had been said thus far, and be it may so, I, as a coach shall be fully responsible for failling to lead the team even into the second round of this prestigious tournament. Though being humiliated, believe me, I am a good ‘ fighter’ ! The going  may appear  to  be very  tough in wrestling back the coveted trophy from the new champion. Do give me a chance, a year, your moral support and more importantly your generous financial contribution, I will be ever ready and prepared to face the tough –going- challenge, rest assured ! Come June 2010, please make yourself presence at the basketball court of SMS Pasir Puteh , Kelantan and be ready for your traditional ‘ Bung Wak’and then proudly sing your hearts out the anthem of  The Malay College Kuala Kangsar!

For your information, training will resume on 15 June 2009 as scheduled, in preparation of HKSBP PHT grand final in June 2010 . Time and tide wait for no man and it is practically true and cruel for a 61 years old man ! As Saudara Ihsan Ismail, has put it rightly or rather to be exact , painfully, it will be a long – long – long year particular for him from June 2009 to June 2010. Saudara, just be patient! Do take my sincere advice by listening to the song sang by Miley Cyrus.

I am pretty sure that the lyrics of the song will be able to soothe your suffering mind and mend your broken heart. Believe me too, like a phoenix , Cagers will rise from the ashes and fly above the blue sky again!

……..          There’s always going to be another mountain
I’m always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side

So you have the answer now ; )

ps: Hasif dan Arif pun minat dengan lagu Miley Cyrus, berduet dengan John Travolta dalam filem BOLT, I thought I lost you

  1. Salam well i should have known better there was a justifiable reason for having hannah montana in your musings…mind you i have no objections to her and one of our mutual buddies is a big fan even to the extent of buying a HM-themed tablecloth for a recent bbq session at his place…

    on a different note to have someone like mr liew being so committed to the cagers like he has been all these years in amazing in my book….its a big shame if the students, hm or old boys were to ever take him for granted let alone deny him full support….

    would be good if we could setup something for the hockey and/or cricket team….will hopefully be able to talk about it more with you once i get back with a view of doing something concrete within the coming years…

    • I still couldn’t understand why Mr Liew did what he did repeatedly for many years to our MC Cagers.

      And sometimes I do envy our basketball team, having a superb coach, enthusiastic support from oldboys epecially ex-cagers and a string of successful endeavours in PHT.

      Anyway, 9094 batch have started an initiative called Mighty Ducks, which I think spearheaded by Badut & geng. From their blog, I have learned that they managed to convince Thaman Singh to be the caretaker coach. Probably you can contribute through this initiative.

      As for cricket, contributions have been sporadic as per our bats contribution early this year. Maybe we could do something about this.

      Tunggu kau balik lah bro..

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